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Welcome to Surf School

Surf  and  Stand Up Paddle Wave Riding Lessons

The Chicago Surf Shop is the only surf school in the world
to use a combination of simulators and video to teach students how to  
 surf and stand up paddle.  The technique works very well as seen by the rapid
progress made by our students.  Drop in and find out for yourself.
Surf Lessons
Beginner Surf            Intermediate Surf           SUPsurf
Beginner SURF
The Ripsurfer surf simulator is ideal for leaning the basics on the beach.
Instructor Jesse Flores gives a lesson on the pop up and some basic board movement.
This little ripper will be shredding in no-time thanks to Jesse and the Ripsurfer.
It doesn't take long to move off the Ripsurfer simulator onto the water.
After catching a few of Chicago's micro waves, she was learning the basics of paddling,
board position and movement as well as being introduced to wave selection.
You can learn this too
Beginner  Lessons
Beginner Surf Lesson on the Ripsurfer 30 minutes $
Beginner Ripsurfer Lesson & Water Lesson 60 minutes $
The Ripsurfer Beginner Surf Lesson is ideal because it introduces the sensation of water for a
more realistic Pop-Up experience.  In the land based lesson, we cover the equipment and safety,
 popping-up, stance and board positioning, the shuffle step and cross stepping.  Moving into the
water, we work on paddling as well as the introduction of waves selection to put it all together
for that first ride.  The lesson is videotaped so that the student can observe the session to assist in
making any corrections to speed the progression into the Intermediate level skill based lessons.
Intermediate SURF
You can learn this too
Intermediate  Lessons
Intermediate Ripsurfer Refresher & Water Lesson 1 hour $
Our Intermediate Surf Lesson is a water based with focus on wave selection, efficient paddling,
board position and putting your board on edge.  We also introduce line up etiquette so that
  when you vacation and want to surf in the more-crowded waves on the coasts or in other parts
of the world you know what a line up is, how it works and how to share the waves with the
  locals.  The lesson is videotaped for the student to study which helps with self correction and
shortens the leaning curve for those new to the sport of surfing.
Advanced  SUPsurf  Lessons
Our Advanced SUP Lesson is geared for the days there are waves but we start the instruction on flat days
to teach the pivot so that after paddling out the student can turn the board in between waves.  We focus on
 putting the board on edge and using the paddle on days when we have waves but first we introduce the
 hop step and shuffle step to get yourself into a surfing position on your board and ready to put it on edge.
From beginning on small waves to shredding larger ones, we can help you learn to surf your SUP board.
You can learn this too
SUPsurf  Lessons
Advanced Ripsurfer & Water Lesson 1 hr $
We use the Ripsurfer on land to introduce the piked position and practice hop stepping before
going onto the water.  On flat days we work on the Piked 180 to turn your board in between waves.
On small wave days we work on the hop step and introduce the use of the paddle to initiate turns.
On larger days we put it all together and and focus on putting the board on edge and carving with your board.
Chicago Surf Shop