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Welcome to the Line Up


Surf  and  Stand Up Paddle Boarding  Lessons
The newest technology in the surf industry is here on The Chain of Lakes and on Lake Michigan. 
The Ripsurfer lets you feel the sensation of surfing before entering the water. 
This way you learn on the land and practiceyour new skill sets in the water.
The Chicago Surf Shop is the only surf school in the world
to use a combination of video and simulators to teach students how to  
 surf and stand up paddle.  The technique works very well as seen by the rapid
progress made by our students.
The Ripsurfer surf simulator is ideal for leaning the basics on the beach.
Instructor Jesse Flores gives a lesson on the pop up and some basic nose riding.
This little ripper will be shredding in no-time thanks to Jesse and the Ripsurfer.
Emily Bauer is our new Jr. Team Rider.
It didn't take her long to move off the Ripsurfer simulator onto the water.
After catching a few of Chicago's micro waves, she was learning the basics of nose riding
and how to hang 10.  This girl is a Ripper and we are proud to have her with us.
You can learn this too
Beginner  Lessons
Beginner Surf Lesson on the Ripsurfer 30 minutes $
Beginner Ripsurfer Lesson & Water Lesson 60 minutes $
The Ripsurfer Beginner Surf Lesson is ideal because it introduces the sensation of water for a
more realistic Pop-Up experience.  In this land based lesson, we cover the equipment and safety,
line up etiquette, paddling, popping-up, board positioning and stance, the shuffle step and cross step.
Be ready for your vacation or to take your board and practice at any of Lake Michigan's surf-legal beaches.
.....and we can help you get a board
Intermediate  Lessons
Intermediate Surf Lesson on the Ripsurfer 30 minutes $
Intermediate Surf Lesson & Surf Board Rental 1 hour $
Intermediate Surf Lesson & Surf Board Rental 90 minutes $
Our Intermediate Surf Lesson is a water based class with individual focus by one of our  
Instructors.  Board Position and putting the board on edge is the focus in building this skill      
We focus on board positioning and controlling your edges for both long boards and short boards.
After you learn to stand and ride a board, the next step is to get the board on edge and ride the wave.
Team Rider, Chad Underhill-Meras putting his board on edge to get ready for a bottom turn
to attack the lip of the wave to either do a cut back or to get some air.
Advanced  Lessons
Advanced Surf Lesson 1 hour $
Advanced Surf Lesson & Surf Board Rental 1 hour $
Our Advanced Surf Lesson is available to help you get beyond your problem points with the
use of cameras and video - sometimes it's nice to see yourself to help in correcting problems.
Either a cutback or air...getting your board on edge and attacking the lip with speed is key.
Our Team Rider, Chad Underhill-Meras is providing some examples.  He has qualified for
Volcom's World Championships several times and is well known by photographers in Santa Cruz.
Team Rider, Chad Underhill-Meras catching some air after attacking the lip of a wave.
Board Rentals
Beginner Soft Top Surf Boards 1 hour $
Beginner Soft Top Surf Boards 2 hours $
Good for beginners before taking the step to Performance Boards.
Advanced Poly Short & Long Surf Boards 1 hour $
Advanced Poly Short & Long Surf Boards 2 hours $
Performance Boards for the Advanced Surfers.
Surf Packages
Advanced  SUPsurf  Lessons
Our Advanced SUP Lesson is geared for the days there are waves, we refocus our efforts on
 teaching the pivot, putting your board on edge and using your paddle.
From beginning on small waves to shredding larger ones, we can help you learn to surf your SUP board.
Advanced SUP Lesson 1 hr $
SUP Packages
Chicago Surf Shop